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Skippered Yacht Charter Greece - Sailing Holidays with skipper to the Greek islands starting from Mykonos / Paros or Athens

Why Us

100% guests' satisfaction

100% Guest Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Only 5 star reviews and doing everything in our power to keep it like this
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no hassle, simple, easy and convenient

Simple, easy and convenient.

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No hassle! Unpack your bag once and not worry about anything else for the next few weeks. At each destination we'll give you information about the island, the best sites and points of interest, modes of transportation and even restaurant recommendations. All you have to do is decide on what best fits your groups interests. You won't need to spend hours combing through books wondering what the best sites to see are.
single point of contact

Book with us / sail with us.

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You speak directly with us (the owners and also your crew). We can answer any question regarding your sailing adventure so that you know exactly what you should expect from your experience on board.
customized experience

Customized experience.

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We'll make your sailing holiday into a personalized adventure tailor made for your family and friends. Let us make your dream come true. Your tailor made yacht charter will be exactly what you’d hope it would be: bespoke, unique and personal to you.
no hidden charges

All Costs Included package deal.

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All our guests beneficiate of the "all costs included" bundle that includes ALL expenses associated with chartering a sailing yacht (fuel, skipper, docking/marina fees, final cleaning, etc). You simply pay a one-time flat rate and that’s it ! Much easier to plan and budget for!! No hidden costs, no surprise or extra charge at the end of the trip.
And because actually two people are needed to sail and dock a yacht, both of us will be on board in order to take care of the tasks related to sailing/docking. This way our guest can lay back and relax without being interrupted when the skipper needs assistance.

Make a quick sail to :

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Treat yourself to the ultimate skippered yacht charter in Greece ! The sailing holidays of a lifetime around the Greek islands!

Explore the Greek islands at your own pace, choose your activities in a premium, personalized skippered yacht charter on board Albatross sailboat.

How does the perfect holiday look like for you - relax and take it easy or an active vacation where you do and see lots of things? Secluded destination or a cosmopolitan islands? Either way, a sailing vacation on board Albatross will be exactly what you’d hope it would be. Embarking either from Athens or Mykonos / Paros the possibilities are unlimited.

Skippered sailing holidays are both active and relaxing - you can spend most of your time relaxing in the shade with a drink, sunbathing with a book on the deck if you prefer or go on shore and explore, sightsee ,walk, experience - it's all up to!

Unlike any resort or beachside hotel, a skippered sailing holiday around the Greek islands (the Cyclades archipelago when starting from Mykonos or Paros and the Saronic islands when starting from Athens) offers you the absolutefreedom, flexibility and diversity. YOU set the pace and the schedule can change if you find something interesting along the way or if you like a particular island... read more about sailing holidays in Greece

There are hundreds of charter companies in Greece and thousands of able skippers available for hire, however, you need something more to get your fun, relaxing,'once in a lifetime'sailing holiday experience you are dreaming about!

The difference between a regular skippered yacht charter and Blue Water Sailingholidays is the unique attention to your desires : we will be there for you with information and suggestions from the moment you start planning your sailing trip until the moment you disembark.

We will not just sail you from A to B like a standard sailing tour based on a schedule: we will adapt your Greek islands sailing holiday to your interest, advice you on the best spots and best Greek islands so you can discover the local culture and traditions in Greece.

Every afternoon we are going to sit down for a few moments and discuss the program for the next day based on your preferences (and the weather conditions) to plan the sailing vacation of your dreams.

Plan or let us plan for you a skippered sailing holiday filled with adventures, fun activities and relaxation on your own private yacht, no strangers aboard, hopping from island to island.

Greece is definitely the best place for sailing vacations. The Greek islands are a world-renowned destination for sailing because of the great diversity (over 9000 miles of coastline), stunning beaches , picturesque villages amazing sceneries and delicious cuisine. A sailing holiday with skipper offers you the possibility to create your own agenda around the 170 inhabited islands of Greece (Cyclades archipelago and Saronic islands) and (why not) other 3000 un-inhabited.

If all the above sound appealing to you - contact usin order to book youryacht holiday.

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How much does a yacht charter costs

The rates below are the prices for the whole yacht (per sailboat - NOT per person). In order to obtain the rates per person for a sailing holiday, you simply divide the rates divide the rates listed below to the number of persons in your party.

For example a group of 6 interested in a 7 day trip in June - season B - will pay 4110 euro per boat thus 4110euro / 6 persons = only 685 euro per person for a 7 days yacht charter in Greece.

Incredible value for money - cheaper than any other holiday option and an absolute superior experience to the typical "ferry to an island / stay in a hotel" alternative.

Sailboat prices :
total price for all your group

Season A
5 July - 22 August

Season B
24 May - 4 July & 23 August - 26 September

Season C
29 March - 23 May & 27 September - 14 November

2 - 4 persons
for 3 weeks
for 2 weeks
for 1 week
5 - 8 persons
for 3 weeks
for 2 weeks
for 1 week
9-10 persons
for 3 weeks
for 2 weeks
for 1 week


sailboat  Your fully equipped sailing yacht - accommodation on board
snorkel  Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel and short fins)
noodle  Floats for non swimmers (6 noodles)
phone  Phone with local card if you wish to put mobile data packageand use it as a tethering device for internet access on your devices... read more
amenities  All amenities as described at your yacht(hot water shower, fridge, safety deposit box, etc)
linens  Linens & Towels (1 set / week)
anchor  Total flexibility: customized itinerary, flexible start dateand duration: embark the day that suits your travel plans best) and sail for as many day as you wish (either it is a 3 week adventure or a 3 day short experience.)... read more
taxes  All taxes and fees

Extra / Specials

SUP  Use of 1 stand up paddle board (SUP) Aqua Marina Vapor (with kayak chair) -150 €/week  FREE
captain  "All costs included" package deal. The bundle that will make it super easy to plan and budget for your sailing vacation. No hidden costs and a flat rate for ALL extra expenses associated with hiring a boat.
  • Professional SKIPPER
  • FUEL
  • Docking / MARINA FEES
  • Final cleaning at the end of the cruise, upon disembarkation

240 Euro/ day (per boat, not per person) is shared in between the members in your group.

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We offer our guests the advantage to pay a flat rate prior to setting sail, and that’s it!

After surfing the web and looking at different options for your sailing vacation, you might have noticed most of the charter companies structure the yacht rental similarly with renting a car. The charter rate covers the price for hiring the yacht itself (just like the car rental price covers the car itself).

And all the other aspects/costs involved are on you to cover as you go. For a car that would be things like gas, toll rates, parking fees. With similar structure, when you are budgeting for your sailing holidays, with most charter companies you will have add on top of the charter rate, the other expenses involved as they appear. The trouble with this approach is that for a yacht the total/ final price the extras add up to varies significantly on many factors. Which makes it difficult for the traveler to figure out the total price he will end up paying (an aspect that will naturally might make him worried or anxious).

For example while the rate applied for skipper services is pretty much standard for all companies (150-170 euro/day), all the others extra can range according to many factors. Docking fees can range from 50 euro/night to under 10 euro or to 0 when you prefer to spend the night at anchor in a bay. How much fuel you are going to use depends on how long the engine will be running - more specifically on the distance to your favorite destination and weather condition. "But won't we be sailing most of the time-why are we discussing fuel?' you might be wondering. Please read below the paragraph marked with **

So we are taking a different approach. In order to avoid all the hassle and worries, we are offering the "all costs included" package deal. Our bundle includes ALL expenses associated with chartering the sailing yacht (fuel, skipper, docking/marina fees, final cleaning, etc) that will guarantee worry free vacations. You won't have to keep an expense account open. You simply pay a one-time flat rate (240 Euro/day/boat - divided in between the members in your group) prior to setting sail, and that’s it! Much easier to plan and budget for! No hidden costs, no surprise or extra charge at the end of the trip.

** How much will we be sailing /motoring? Well...it all depends on the wind conditions and the distance to the next destination. So let's take for example a sail from Mykonos to the port of Paroikia in Paros that is 28 nautical miles apart (a good average) .

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Any number of days can be accommodated. If the number of days you are planning for your sailing cruise is not listed in the above table, please contact usfor a quote.

ONE WAY TRIPS : Upon request we sometimes organize one-way trips with either embarkation or disembarkation at a different point. Our base is in Mykonos island (alternatively Paros island for some specific weeks) but sometimes (upon previous arrangements) a pickup at a different point might be arranged.
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Depending on each situation, a one-way fee applies in order to cover the cost of the boat travelling from the base/regular embarkation point to the pick up point of your choice (fuel + rate for the day/s when it cannot be chartered as it will be traveling to the island you prefer to embark at).

Thus the one way fee depends on the distance to the destination chosen and can vary from 250 euro to 1000 euro.

Please contact us for more details.

The Boat

Indulge yourself with the perfect sailing cruise to the Greek islands on board our limited edition sailboat. Built in Greece specifically for handling any sea conditions in the Aegean archipelago, the sailing yacht Albatross is a fast leisure boat with excellent sailing capability. On board you will find all facilities you will need for a comfortable sailing cruise: electric fridge, electric toilets, hot/fresh water shower, shaded cockpit and sunbathing mattresses, snorkeling equipment, a paddle board and much more.

For guests' exclusive use there are 2 double and 2 twin cabins accommodating 8 travelers. The crew has separate quarters. For larger group of 9-10 persons special sleeping arrangements can be done- please contact us for more details before booking.

For a detailed list of the amenities please check your yachtpage.

The crew (skipper and co-skipper)

We are a boutique sailing company who's main focus is treating our guests individually and striving to make their dream reality. The two of us (Adriana and Radu) are the owners of the Albatross and also your crew for the days- having the great pleasure of sailing you around the Greek islands. We like to see and treat each person on board more as a friend rather than a typical client. And actually after spending a week or a few days on board together new friendships are often tied.

All your emails/phone calls with be answered directly by Adriana so she can give you all the details you might need regarding your sailing vacation (and why not?..generally your trip to Greece).

This way you can be sure you'll know exactly what to expect from life on board, the destination we'll be visiting and any other aspects that might interest you. If you are interested in local/insider tips, at each destination she can offer you information about the islands, the best beaches and not-to-miss experiences, the points of interest, way of transportation and of course restaurant recommendation if you wish.

As one of our dear guests was mentioning in her tripadvisor review "she makes it so easy you won't have to spend hours combing through books wondering what the best sites to see are"

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Adriana co skipper your crew albatross

Radu is a professional skipper whose only concern, after safety for all, is the guests' experience and pleasure.

Along the years Radu he has mastered every secret of Greek sea and is now looking forward to share them with you. He will make sure you will have a safe and fulfilling experience as he will go above and beyond to make your trip special and turn your sailing cruise in a once in a life-time experience.

Like one of our lovely guests was mentioning in his tripadvisor review "Out at sea there was not a single moment we did not feel perfectly safe. Radu, your calm command of the vessel and safety above all approach is truly admirable. How well you work together as a team is an inspiration and was so reassuring".

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your crew radu skipper greece

Your destinations - Itinerary around the Greek islands

We start our trips either in Mykonos / Paros or Athens thus we have fast access to the Cyclades islands and / or Saronic islands as well as to the picturesque Peloponnese coast. Within easy sailing distance, dozen of islands are waiting for you to discover them: the cosmopolitan Mykonos, the cosmopolitan Paros, Naxos, Syros- Queen of the Cyclades, the iconic Santorini, off-the-beaten-path Schoinoussa and Kimolos, astonishing Milos, the quaint Porosand the bustling Aeginaisland with its fruit filled caiques, and the incredibly beautiful the Peloponnese coasts and with pretty traditional villages hidden in between lush vegetation (pine forest) and blessed with thousands of years of history- so many amazing places waiting for you to explore them.

Click here to see some great sailing itineraries perfect for 7 days, 14 days and 21 daysskippered yacht charter.

Many times we are asked which is the BEST Greek island. Santorini and Mykonos need little introduction but a sailing holiday will offer the opportunity to enjoy many others which you will probably end up liking even more. Sailing the Greek islands is a perfect balance of seclusion and sophistication, cosmopolitan destinations mixed with tiny island, untouched by mass visitors where you can still have a very local experience. There are literally tens of amazing islands and the best route for you eventually depends on your interests. Rest assured that there are dozens of islands that fall in your criteria. Some places are great for swimming (like Milos, Polyegos), others for nightlife and incredible sandy beaches (like Mykonos, Paros, Ios), other for architecture (like Santorini, Syros), and other for hiking (like Naxos, Sifnos) and so on. But actually most of them usually offer a perfect combination of all the above. No matter which itinerary you’ll follow, we can guarantee you’ll fall in love with Greece and while on board you will already start to plan your next sailing vacation so you explore more places.

However we recommend you don't go to the hassle of trying to decide on a specific itinerary or set your mind on a specific island- many time on board people discover new attractions and activities they never thought of and realize that other places than their initial plan are much closer to their dream holiday… Keeping flexible it your guarantee that you will have the best holidays of your life.

Also sailing conditions vary greatly from area to area making some itineraries appropriate for everybody while others are just fort the very adventurous; some itineraries are great for people wanting more time on shore or at the bays swimming and swimming while others just for people willing to spend a long time at sea ... keep flexible and let the Greek islands surprise you!

Before setting the sails we discuss your desires and interests so we take a route as close as possible to your dreams (weather permitting and within reality of a sailboat for the number of days you have on board). We consider that this is YOUR sailing trip and we will make sure you will get the best of it


Where do we embark?

In order to accommodate to each groups' interests and needs, we alternate trips from Athens with sailing adventures that embark and disembark right in the heart of the Cyclades - at Mykonos or Paros islands. Just let us know your interests and how the dream holidays looks like so we can advice you on which option suits you better and get you one step closer to your holidays of a lifetime.

Our recommendation : Considering how easy access to both Mykonos and Paros is - either flying from Athens (40 minutes) or taking one of the multiple daily ferries from Athens, Santorini as well as most of the other islands in the Cyclades archipelago (2-4 hours), we consider that starting in the heart of the archipelago offers the best possible experience. For more details please see departure point.

What do I have to do?

It´s very easy!Just pick the period for your skippered sailing holidays and contact usfor more details and availability.

If you are not decided yet and need a more time to plan, upon request we can put your dates on hold for a few days for FREE .

This will give you the chance to plan your holiday (find air flights and contact the other charter companies in order to be sure you've got the best option) without having to worry that somebody else will take your dates.

Program on board and on shore / Extra activities

The yacht charter in Greece come with much more besides sailing : exploring, sightseeing and archaeology, biking, trekking - for more info please check alternative sailing - other activitiespage.

Basically in a 1-2 week sailing holiday with skipper to the Greek islands, each day will feel like a full vacation thanks to the mix of so many activities:

  • set sails to a new destination and stop in different coves in order to relax, spend a few hours sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling the clear blue waters and sail the Cyclades (starting from Mykonos or Paros) or the Saronic islands(starting from Athens).
  • after docking at the harbor, explore the picturesque villages in the islands, get lost in a maze of narrow cobbled paths, enjoy the unique scenery and scenic landscape. Admire the traditional architecture with whitewashed houses, colorful windows and flat roof in the Cyclades or let yourself amazed by the Neoclassical and Venetian elegance in the Saronic islands and Peloponesse coast with buildings covered in bougainvillea, lively coffee shops and traditions restaurant, old churches, small shops and so on.
  • nightlife : enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the vivid nightlife, have late dinners at traditional family owned restaurants by the seaside with the best possible view, sip a delicious cocktail at on the dozens of bars in the harbor and why not?...party till dawn at one of the clubs in the islands.
  • discover the Greek history and archaeology by visiting the hundreds of ancient sites that Greece has to offer: Sounio, ancient theatre of Epidaurus, Nafpliocastle, the archeological island of Delos, the ruins of Mycenaeetc. More details at sightseeing and archaeologypage.
  • sail & hike - walk and explore the old mule tracks, admire Byzantine churches ancient settlements, discover the unique fauna & and flora (the Cyclades islands have 1400 species from which 83 are endemic), the breathtaking landscapes, hike and conquer the peaks of the mountains for an unforgettable view of the Aegean Sea. On board you will find hiking maps .


Meal options - Where are we going to eat?

On shore: Each island, the little ports and villages have a variety of restaurants, traditional taverns and bars just within a few meters from the boat. They are open from breakfast till after midnight, all priced very reasonably. Enjoying local cuisine and islands' specialties at a waterfront tavern while admiring an astonishing scenery is something you'll want to experience over and over again.

On board: Albatrosssailboat is equipped with a cooker (with oven and 3 burners), fridge and full galley equipment, barbeque on gas, so meals can also be cooked on board if you prefer. Provisioning is very easy - each island has grocery stores/markets within 1-2 minutes' walk from the sailboat where you can stock up the boat with your favorite food/drinks.

How long should I plan my sailing holiday in order to fully experience the Greek islands?

This all depends on your plans and what you'd like to experience but especially on how much time you have available in Greece - the more days you have on board the more islands you will be able to explore.

Each day you will be visiting a new island (and you will be surprised at how different each of them is from its neighboring island). Thus the more days you have on board, the more varied and flexible the itinerary will be and the more you will experience.

As a general idea during a 7 day yacht charter you would have the chance to visit up to 6 islands whereas during a 2 week trip we usually visit up to 13 islands and during a 3 week trip you can explore up to 20 of the amazing Greek islands.

In order to fully enjoy the magic while sailing the Cyclades islands, a 2 week sailing holidays would be ideal (3 weeks it's even better since there are 24 islands in the archipelago). However one week on board is a great idea for people with a short holiday and in Greece for only 7-10 days. And the new base we have set at Paros and Mykonos (right in the heart of the Cyclades) makes it possible to fit in a 7 day trip even islands that are too far away for a regular Athens-islands-Athens trip; Santorini, Naxos, Minor Cyclades just to name a few.



How your sailing holiday could look like

Frequently Asked Questions - for more informations about life on board please check our FAQ page.

Why charter a sailing boat in Greece? What are the benefits of a sailing holiday with skipper over a traditional vacations in the Greek islands?

Below you can find a comparison in order to get a better idea of what you get when booking aBlue Water Sailing yacht charter comparing to a traditional holiday.

Click here to show / hide the comparison - charter vs. hotel


Blue Water Sailing Vacations Greece

Normal Hotel or Resort


Your floating hotel with all the amenities such as hot water, cold drinks, and an amazing sea view every night ! ... more info at the yachtmenu

Try to find a hotel with a sea view, pay an exorbitant price just for having the 'privilege' of seeing a bit of sea from one corner of you balcony.


Endless possibilities:

- discover a new Greek island every day (or every couple of days if you prefer).

- explore secluded bays and coves.

- visit the traditional villages of the Cyclades islands with their white washed houses and blue windows and cobble-paved streets (embarkation available right in the middle of the archipelago - at Paros or Mykonos). Besides the famous Santorini, you will be surprise how many other places charm the visitor with their sugar-cube villages and whitewashed lanes.

Same view, same places to visit every day, same activities and taverns, same village to spend your evening.

Flexibility, privacy and freedom

Feel relaxed to make your own schedule and set the itinerary (weather permitting). Discover the Greek islands and their secluded bays at your own pace.

Visit small islands in the Cyclades and Saronic and out of the way beaches, many of them accessible only by boat.

The Cyclades islands are renowned for their crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.

Participate in daily trips only to nearby places and respect a schedule that might not fit you (depart late, return earlier that you wish and miss that incredible sunset on board). Share the boat with other 100 people.

Extra Activities and Sailing Adventures

Combine sailing with other activities ( sightseeing, trekking, biking ) - do them at your pace, and in a different place each day, if you wish.

As your skipper and co-skipper, we will help you discover the hidden beauty of Greece , suggest the best destination for your favorite activities, help you find the best snorkeling spots and discover the secret beauty of the Greek villages ... more info at Alternative Sailing - Other Activities.

Figure by yourself where is the best spot for swimming and them find a way to get there.

Try to find out by yourself if your favorite activity is available in the area of your hotel. Otherwise, try to rent a car or wait for hours for a public bus to take you to that place etc.

Beaches and Destinations

Swim and snorkel every day in a different bay, and why not - a different island if you prefer

Avoid the crowded and noisy beaches in high seasons and choose an isolated cove only for yourself.

Same beach every day together with all the other guest of the hotels nearby.


Almost all inclusive sailing cruise from 2990 per week for the WHOLE BOAT divided in between the member in your party. Skipper, co-skipper, snorkelling equipment, end cleaning. Incredible value for money - cheaper than any other holiday option and an absolute superior experience to the typical "ferry to an island / stay in a hotel" alternative.

Pay approximately the same amount only to get a place to sleep!.

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Looking forward to seeing you soon.


There is no yachting qualifications or experience needed in order to participate in the sail trip. Skippered yacht charter is perfect for everybody from young, fun-loving groups to families with children wanting to live the experience of boat a holiday in Greece without the pressure of looking after the boat. Sailing holidays with skipper is also the best option if you are searching for a relaxing holiday and want to discover the Greek islands (sailing the Cyclades starting at Mykonos or Paros OR the Saronic islands and Peloponnesus coast from Athens) without having to worry about anything at all. Just relax and enjoy the trip.

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