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Sightseeing and archaeology


The theater of Epidaurus , one of the one of the main Greek achievements in terms of ancient construction.

The theater is renowned for its incomparable acoustics ; the actors can be heard by all 15.000 spectators without the use of any electrical equipment. It is also said that if you drop a coin on the stage in can be heard even by the ones sitting in the last seats of the theater.

Constructed in the 4th century BC, the theater of Epidaurus is one of the best preserved ancient theater in the world and still works until today hosting festivals and theatrical performances that attract millions of visitor annually.

  Sailing Greek islands - The theater of Epidaurus (Epidaurus)

Sailing Greek islands - The theater of Epidaurus (Epidaurus) seen from the stage level  

Nearby you can also visit the ancient sanctuary of Asklepios , an important healing center of the classical world devoted to Asklepius- the god who could cure people from all their pain and illness- attracting people from all over the Mediterranean to come to find healing.

Apart from the archaeological sites, the surrounding scenery is amazing with lush green nature ending on the beach plus the seaside lovely village of Palia Epidaurus certainly is worth a visit.

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Nafplio is a picturesque seaport town full of natural beauty and culture was the first capital in Greece after Independence, in 1828, with a rich history as it has been inhabited since ancient times.

The castle of Palamidi , a baroque fortress built by the Venetians to strengthen the city of Nafplio during their second occupation is the one of the many attractions of the area. There are 857 steps from the town to the fortress but your effort will be fully rewarded by the impressive view over the city of Nafplio, Argolic gulf and the eastern mountains of the Peloponnese.

Otherwise, there is a access by car to the other entrance of the fortress so you can simply take a taxi and avoid all efforts.

  Sailing Greek islands - Nafplio - Palamidi Castle - view over the city

Sailing Greek islands Nafplio - Burtzi castle - view from the town port  

The castle of Bourtzi who is lying in the middle of the harbor, it´s the reference point of the city. Initially built by the Venetians to protect the city from pirates, it was later transformed into residence of executioners of convicts from Palamidi, a few decades afterwards served as a hotel and nowadays it became a great touristic attraction that sometimes hosts festivals as well.

A walk in the old town to discover its narrow picturesque streets, neoclassical buildings, wooden balconies with cascading flowers, Turkish fountains and dozens of souvenir shop can be followed by some relaxing moments at one of the waterside cafes with an incredible view to Bourtzi - a great way to end a perfect day.

Since you are at Nafplio , you might also want to visit the Archaeological Museum with findings from various periods housed in an imposing Venetian building and the Folk Art Museum.

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Monemvasia , also called the Gibraltar of Greece , is a perfectly preserved medieval fortress still inhabited, a world cultural heritage monument and a major attraction for every traveler. One of the greatest commercial center of the Byzantine world and considered the mightiest fortress in Byzantine Greece (it was never taken in battle), Monemvasia is nowadays a unique place with amazing ruins (ancient walls, guardhouses, towers and large water cisterns) and many Byzantine churches.

The fortress is divided into a lower and an upper town, located on different levels with separate fortifications. The lower town with its narrow cobbled main street with an assortment of tourist shop and cafés with terraces overlooking the Mediterranean sea is like a fairy land. The buildings in the lower town which are being restored under the guidance of the archeological service.

The lower town is surrounded by a protective wall, in a Π shape, with two gateways on the east and west with a small exit towards the sea. An important archaeological collection is housed in the old mosque in the Square of Elkomenos Christos.

  Sailing Greek islands Monemvasia - Upper Town and Lower Town of Monemvasia seen from the water

Sailing Greek islands - Monemvasia - Lower Town panoramic view from the Upper Town of Monemvasia  

A steep zigzag path leads to the fortified upper town and offer a delightful view to the lower town and the Mediteranean sea. You enter by a tunnel that still retains its ironbound gates. Among the ruins of houses and cisterns of the acropolis of the upper town stands St. Sophia , a Byzantine church built in the 12th century (founded by Andronikos II Paleologos) that has kept its charm and magnificence untouched by the passing of time.

Around Monemvasia there are a number of excellent beaches and picturesque bay with crystal clear water waiting also to be discovered.

Noteworthy sights further inland include the watermill at Talanta and the Velies Folklore Museum.

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Mycenae is a great archeological site with a rich history that have been inhabited from the Neolithic period (4000 BC). In the second millennium BC, Mycenae was one of the major centers of Greek civilizations and dominated a big part of the southern Greece. Mycenae represents the represent the apogee of the Mycenaean civilization that put the foundation of the later European cultures.

  Sailing Greek islands - Mycenae - Lions Gate - first arch

Sailing Greek islands - Mycenae - ruins of Mycenae fortress  

The site of Mycenae is known from excavations to have been occupied from the Neolithic period (c . 4000 BC)

Mycenae and Tiryns represent the apogee of the Mycenaean civilization, which laid the foundations for the evolution of later European cultures, including classical Greek architecture and urban design, and consequently also on contemporary cultural forms.

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Cape Sounio is located on the coast of Attica, being the most southern spot of the Continental Greece.

Here lays an impressive historical monument, the famous sanctuary dedicated toPoseidon, theGod of the Sea.

Several columns of the former temple can be found high on the cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea and the nearby islands. The view from above is nothing less than breathtaking.

The temple is also at the apex of a giant isosceles triangle formed by Sounio , Aphaia themple from Aegina island and the Parthenon in Athens.

  Sailing Greek islands- Cape Sounio - Posseidon's Temple - ruins of the temple

Sailing Greek islands Cape Sounio - Posseidon's Temple - looking up from the bay  

The Temple dedicated to Posseidon was built around 444 BC and stands on the foundation of an older temple.

Sounio was very important in the past as it was a sheltering stop for grain ships that were coming to Piraeus from Evia and also the ships that were working their way from Cyclades to Piraeus.

Later it became a refuge for corsairs and pirates.

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