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Yacht Charter Greece - Luxury Travel Guide - sailboat charter greece

Sailboat Charter of 2, 3, 4 or 5 days from Athens - Mini Sailing Cruises to the Greek islands

Private Sailing Trip in Greece - Short cruises 2 to 5 days from Athens

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Want to get away from it all?

Spoil yourself and your family or friends with an amazing short sailing cruise to the Greek islands! Plan a mini sailboat charter for 2,3,4 or 5 days and enjoy the best part of your holidays in Greece.

Our departure point is Marina Alimos in Athens, Greece with easy access from Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" (IATA: ATH, ICAO: LGAV ).

Imagine yourself spending a few days on the yacht ... discovering secluded bays, sampling local cuisine in the islands, exploring archeological sites and temples, discovering a couple of islands and walking their picturesque harbor towns with narrow streets, snorkeling in the most amazing places, spending the night onboard in the most astonishing scenery and much more.

A short sailboat charter provides a great opportunity for the ones visiting Athens to discover also the wonders of the Aegean Sea and get a taste of the Greek islands.


How would you like to:

  • Have your own private yacht, just you and your family / friends - no strangers on board.
  • Have accommodation at your floating hotel with all the amenities such as hot water and an amazing sea view.
  • Stop in a secluded cove for snorkeling.
  • Explore archeological sites and temples like the Theatre of Epidaurus or Aphaia Temple from Aegina or Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounio.
  • Discover pitoresque fishermen's villages with their lovely port full with tiny coloured fishing boats.
  • Swim relaxed in an isolated cove away from the crowded and noisy beaches in high season.
  • Walk the narrow streets of the beautiful islands' villages.
  • Enjoy amazing sunsets.

If all the above sound appealing to you - contact us in order to book your Greek islands mini cruise.

Why book a mini sailing trip? What are the benefits of a short sailing cruise with skipper over a traditional trip?

Below you can find a comparison in order to get a better idea of what you get when booking a Blue Water Sailing tour comparing to an ordinary trip ("get the ferry, find your hotel" style).

Click here to show / hide the comparison - sailboat vs. hotel


Blue Water Sailing Mini Cruise

Hotel or Normal Resort


Your floating hotel with all the amenities such as hot water, cold drinks and an amazing sea view every night! ... more info at The Yacht menu

Try to find a hotel with a sea view, pay an exorbitant price just for having the 'privilege' of seeing a bit of sea from one corner of you balcony.


Endless possibilities:

- discover a new Greek island every day (or every couple of days if you prefer).

- explore secluded bays or coves.

Same view, same places to visit every day, same activities and taverns, same village to spend your evening.

Flexibility, privacy and freedom

Feel relaxed to make your own schedule and set the itinerary (weather permitting). Discover the Greek islands and their secluded bays at your own pace.

Visit small islands in the Cyclades and Saronic and out of the way beaches, many of them accessible only by boat.

The Cyclades islands are renowned for their crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.

Participate in daily trips only to nearby places and respect a schedule that might not fit you (depart late, return earlier that you wish and miss that incredible sunset on board). Share the boat with other 100 people.

Extra Activities and Sailing Adventures

Combine sailing with other activities (sightseeing, trekking, biking) - do them at your pace, and in a different place each day, if you wish.

As your skipper and co-skipper, we will help you discover the hidden beauty of Greece, suggest the best destination for your favorite activities, help you find the best snorkeling spots and discover the secret beauty of the Greek villages ... more info at Alternative Sailing - Other Activities page.

Figure by yourself where is the best spot for swimming and them find a way to get there.

Try to find out by yourself if your favorite activity is available in the area of your hotel. Otherwise, try to rent a car or wait for hours for a public bus to take you to that place etc.

Beaches and Destinations

Swim and snorkel every day in a different bay, and why not - a different island if you prefer

Avoid the crowded and noisy beaches in high seasons and choose an isolated cove only for yourself.

Same beach every day together with all the other guest of the hotels nearby.


One short sailing cruise starting from 1160 per two days for the WHOLE BOAT - total price for all the yacht including : skipper, co-skipper, end cleaning.

Pay approximately the same amount only to get a place to sleep!.

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How much does a sailboat charter costs?

Not much at all. You will get a Private sailing cruise with skipper at the price of a bareboat with rates starting from 1160 euro / two days for the whole boat.

The rates below are the prices per sailboat. In order to get the rates per persons for a short Greek islands cruise, all you need to do is divide the rates shown below to the number of persons in your party. For example a group of 6 interested in a 5 day trip in April - season C - will pay 2610 euro per boat thus 2610euro / 6 persons = only 522 euro per person for a 5 days short sailing trip in Greece.

In a try to make sailing in Greece accessible to everybody, for couples and small groups (up to 4 persons) we have prepared discounted prices as shown below by selecting the size of your group. Because visiting Greece by sailboat is a incedible experience that nobody should miss...

special offer 2020

Season A - 12 July - 22 August

Season B - 24 May - 11 July & 23 August - 20 September

Season C - 29 March - 23 May & 21 September - 18 October

Season D - 19 October - 28 March

Sailboat prices :
total price for all your group

Skipper included

Season A
12 July - 22 August

Season B
24 May - 11 July & 23 August - 20 September

Season C
29 March - 23 May & 21 September - 18 October

Season D
19 October - 28 March

7 days cruise - Euro (€)
6 days cruise - Euro (€)
5 days cruise - Euro (€)
4 days cruise - Euro (€)
3 days cruise - Euro (€)
2 days cruise - Euro (€)

For longer sail cruises please skippered yacht charter page.

NO extra charge for the skipper.   Thus you won’t have to pay the 150 euro / day - the rate usually charged for the skipper services.

ONE WAY TRIPS: Upon request we sometimes organize one-way trips with either embarkation or disembarkation at an island. Click here to show / hide more details

In this case a one-way fees apply in order to cover the cost of the boat returning to the base ( fuel+ rate for the day/s when it can not be chartered as it will be traveling back to the base).

Thus the one way fee depends on the distance to the destination chosen and can vary from 250 euro to 1000 euro.

Please contact us for more details.

What´s included

  • Accommodation in 2 double cabins + 2 twin bed / bunk cabins.
  • Welcome drinks.
  • Floats for non swimmers (3 noodles).
  • Snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel and short fins).
  • Cooking & Dinning Equipment.
  • Linens & Towels (1 set / trip).
  • Final cleaning at the end of the cruise, upon disembarkation.
  • VAT.


  • Skipper and co-skipper150€ / day   FREE.
  • Use of 1 stand up paddle board (SUP) Aqua Marina Vapor (with kayak chair) - 22 €/day   FREE
  • Wet suits - shorties (for spring / autum) - subject to availability - FREE.

Not included

  • 45 euro / day / boat for extra expenses of the boat (diesel & marina fees ) - click here for more details -

    We have set a flat rate of 45 euro/day/boat so our guests have a careless vacation without having to worry about unknown extra expenses at the end of the charter. This is the total price for the whole group ( and NOT per person) - usually divided in between all the member of your party. The extra expenses are paid in cash at embarkation.

  • Food, drinks and bottled water (you can purchase them at local markets and bring them aboard).
  • Card for shore power connection for 220Volt power (optional) - 8 euro/night/boat. - click here for more details -

    Power on boats is 12 volt DC power - just like your car or campervan. Thus all you need to bring is a car charger (12 volt charger) and your USB cable for your electronic devices and you will be able to charge them at any time while on board(the same way you would charge them in your car).
    For our guests needing 220Volt AC power (for big consumers like hairdryers, laptops, etc)- we have good news. Most of the islands (not all) offer the possibility to connect the boat to their power supply while we are at the dock (just like a campervan can plug in while in the camping). The harbor master charges a small fee for this service – which is usually around 8 euro per night per boat (varying from place to place). This way, you can use the normal 220Volt plug on the boat just like you do at your home.

Please note that for an even more economic mini cruise sailing trip you can check our special offers page : Sailing special offers.

Sailboat details / Meet the crew

For details on the sailboat on board which you will be visiting the Greek islands please click here : sailboat details - facilities.

You can virtually "meet your crew" at your crew.

Your mini cruise destinations

Click here to see some options of itineraries for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days sailboat charter to the Greek islands.

There is a great diversity of amazing places and islands within an easy sailing distance for a short sailing cruise.

The program and the sailing route will be adapted to the prevailing wind and weather conditions.

Customized sailing itinerary: just let us know your interests and at embarkation we'll advice you on the perfect route for your mini cruise. We consider that this is YOUR sailing trip and we will make sure you will get the best of it! This is why before setting the sails we discuss your individual requirements and ideas so we take a route as close as possible to your dream (weather permitting and within reality of a sailboat for the number of days you have on board).



What do I have to do?

It´s very easy! Just contact us for more details about your sailing trip.

Meal options - Where are we going to eat?

On shore: Each harbor has a large number of restaurants, traditional taverns and bars just within a few meters from the boat which are open for dinner and breakfast, all priced very reasonably. Enjoying local cuisine and island's delicacies at a waterfront tavern while admiring an astonishing scenery is something you'll want to experience over and over again.

On board: Albatross sailboat is equipped with a cooker ( with oven and 3 burners), barbeque on gas, fridge and ice box so meals can also be cooked on board if you prefer. Each island has markets within 50 meters where you can stock up the boat with your favorite food/drinks.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.



How your sailing holiday could look like

Frequently Asked Questions - for more informations about life on board please check our FAQ page.


No previous experience or yachting qualifications are required in order to participate in the sail trip. A mini cruise vacation is perfect for groups and families wanting to live the experience of a short sailing cruise in Greece without the pressure of looking after the boat. A mini cruise charter with skipper is also the best option if you are searching for a relaxing cruise and want to discover the Greek islands without having to worry about anything at all. Just lay back and enjoy the trip!

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