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Our departure point for your Greek islands sailing adventure

Welcome to Greece !

Where do we embark?

In order to accommodate to each groups' interests and needs, we alternate the trips that:

1. Start and end in Athens, in marina Alimos.


2. Sailing adventures that embark and disembark right in the heart of the Cyclades - at Mykonos or Paros islands.

Just let us know your interests and how the dream holidays looks like so we can advice you on which option suits you better and get you one step closer to your holidays of a lifetime.

Our recommendation

Considering how easy it is to get from either Athens, Santorini or many other Greek islands to either Mykonos or Paros, we recommend the option 2 above.

The perfect solution to fit in your sailing itinerary some of the best Greek islands that are unfortunately too far away from Athens for a regular 7 day cruise Athens-island-Athens. Santorini, Naxos and Minor Cyclades (Schoinoussa) or Kimolos, Milos, Polyegos, Sifnos just to name a few destinations our guests are eager to get to but unfortunately are too far away to reach from Athens and back unless you have 2 weeks on board.

But with Mykonos and Paros located in the middle of the Cyclades / Aegean archipelago, as you can see in the map below, most of the islands listed at best greek islands and beaches are only a few hours away from your embarkation point. Number 1) Syros, 2) Sifnos, 4) Milos, 5) Serifos, 8) Santorini and 12) Folegandros, 13) Mykonos and 14) Tinos, 18) Naxos and several others can be reached - which combination depends on the route taken. And actually all of them can be visited if you have 10-14 days on board.

the cyclades islands Greece

Access to both Mykonos and Paros is very convenient flying from Athens or taking one of the multiple daily ferries from Athens, Santorini as well as most of the other islands in the Cyclades archipelago.

Most ferry companies announce their program a couple of month before the travel date, but some of them might have already published a connection or two. Closer to your sail date, chances are there will be more options available.

Thus getting to and from the embarkation point from wherever you are planning to be before and after the sailing trip is very easy!

a) If you land in Athens, you can continue your journey to Paros or Mykonos by:

You can get a rough idea of the connection options available:

For Athens-Paros

For Athens -Mykonos

b) If you are in Santorini, Mykonos or other island in the Cyclades, there are daily ferry connection with companies Blue Star Ferrries, Sea Jets, Golden Star Ferries and a few others.

If you need any help with logistics or organizing your travelling please don't hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you options and idea on how to arrange your travel plans in order to get the most of your time in Greece.

mykonons map
paros map

Note: the embarkation point is to be set before booking.

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