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Sailing in Spring Greece - visiting the Greek islands in March April or May.
The spring break vacation of a lifetime!

Trying to find the best destination for your spring break ? How about Greece ... sailboat ... sun ... nature ... history and fabulous food ! For details, rates, itineraries etc, please check our skippered yacht charterpage.

The weather in the Greece allows sailing all year round but spring has a particular charm due to the nature that blossoms.

So for nature lovers, spring is the best period to enjoy and explore the best in the Greek islands. With an abundance of flowers and lush, green hillsides with life sprouting up from every crack, Greece has a special beauty in the spring months.

Easter vacations is a special time in Greece full of joy, celebrations, traditions and delicious meals. Experiencing the Easter is Greece is a special experience letting you discover another piece of "real Greece".

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Sailing the Greek islands in spring comes with many advantages.

Easter in Greece, islands weather in spring, spring break Greece  

When trying decide WHEN to sail Greece, for a trip in March - April - May you might want to have in mind that:

  • You should expect smooth sailing - the strong summer winds (meltemi) are yet to come so you should expect calmer seas than in the summer. Of course weather conditions vary from area to area and can vary from week to week so you might have anything from flat seas (just like a lake – when you can enjoy the calmness and sunbathing on the mattresses) to choppy sea (where you can enjoy sailing, a beautiful ride and the adventure).
  • You will meet very friendly locals – winter is a quite time in the Greek islands. So in spring, when the first tourists start to arrive, locals are delighted and looking forward to meet you and start a discussion. Thus spring in the best time to get to know the locals , mingle with them and enjoy the laid back rhythm of the Greek islands.
  • Perfect season for active holidays - a spring break full of adventures. The ones that would like to combine their sailing experience in the Greek islands with exploring the picturesque villages of the islands, getting lost in a maze of narrow cobbled paths, enjoying the unique scenery and scenic landscape sightseeing, hike and explore ancient mule-path, visiting temples and enjoying different activities (trekking, biking, walking, etc) spring weather and temperatures create the perfect conditions so you can enjoy history and nature without worrying about getting sun-stroke. For activities please see our alternative sailing - other activitiespage.

  • You will have the chance to discover Greek traditions : the Orthodox Easter is the biggest church holiday in Greece, traditionally celebrated with lots of wine and roasted lamb. Easter in Greece is the time to visit if you want to experience traditions, customs and specific dishes.
  • You can avoid the crowds - so you can fully enjoy relaxing spring break to the best Greek islands , exploring isolated places and finding a cove just for your boat so you can enjoy swimming in your own piece of paradise.
  • By visiting Greece in spring you'll get economic holidays : prices are often at their best during the early months so it is an ideal time for those seeking a bargain. Sailing is no exception - the rates in spring are lower than summer.
  • Cheaper flights - cheap off-season airline tickets to Athens and discounted hotel rates.
  • Nightlife in Athens is at its peak: hundreds of bars and taverns full of people, music and great food.
  • You can enjoy long and sunny days. Most of the time, spring in Greece means fine, dry weather with temperatures around 20-30 degrees Celsius (68-86 Fahrenheit) you can enjoy sunshine and get the perfect tan without the extra heat in the summer months.
  • If sailing the Greek islands during your spring break you’ll never be in a hurry/hunt for mooring places - there's no need to arrive at the harbor early so you can find a spot. Arrive in the late afternoon you will still find berth available.
  Sailing Greek Easter weather in March April May

Can you think of a better way to spend your spring break, Easter vacation or an amazing vacation in Greece?

Greece sailing in spring weather, spring break Greece  

The drawbacks:

  • Sea water not as warm as during the summer or autumn months. You should expect a sea temperature of 16-20 Degrees Celsius (59-68 Fahrenheit). So you can still enjoy a short swim and other water activites like stand up paddleboarding (SUP), sunbathing, kayaking etc. But if swimming is your main interest and looking for water as warm as possible, you might want to look at the sailing in autumnpage.
  • The islands are not bursting with nightlife although most of the bars / restaurants / clubs will be opened.

Also at next links you can see the daily temperatures in Athens in May 2020and in April 2020.You can select other months from the upper part of the screen.

For more details on your next spring break adventure, please do not hesitate to contact us

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