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Alternative Sailing - Other Activities and thing to do in the Greek islands

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "Greece" ?

  • Sun and sea?
  • The Greek islands with their amazing landscapes?
  • Sightseeing and museums?
  • Greek history and archaeology?
  • Incredible beaches with golden sand with turquoise waters?
  • Beautiful fishermen's villages with waterfront taverns?
  • Party 'till dawn?

All these can be part of your sailing vacation !

Greece is definetely the best place for sailing holidays. The Greek islands are a world-renowned destination for sailing because of the great diversity (over 9000 miles of coastline), stunning beaches, picturesque villages amazing sceneries and delicious cuisine.

A sailing vacation with skipper offers you the possibility to create your own agenda around the 170 inhabited island of Greece and (why not) other 3000 un-inhabited.

But few know that Greece and especially Greek islands are great destination for an alternative sailing and other activities.

  Sailing Greek islands Quad Bikes in Ios island

Sailing Greek islands - Hiking Mountain Trails  

Walking, Hiking, Trekking

Flat islands in Greece are hard to find so trekking lovers will be enchanted at the mountains rising up from the sea that offer a nice challenge. The long or short hikes are always rewarded in the end with a wonderful view of the neighboring bay with quiet waters, the extended surroundings and the unique sunsets that Greece has to offer.

From the big number of islands perfect for hiking, some beautiful destinations are : Methana, Kythnos, Sifnos, Serifos, Keaand many others.


Riding the bike in one of the Greek islands is one of the best activities that mix sport with sightseeing and open air.

Some of the Greek islands offer unique scenery, and nice roads which are ideal for biking. The difficulty spreads from easy going cycling around the coasts to steep slopes for mountain bikers, and even dirt roads and high peaks for the extreme ones.

Nothing compares to doing your favorite sport in one of the Greek islands, under the clear blue sky , out of the traffic and crowded roads of the city, with nothing more than your companion and the calmness of the surrounding nature.

Best island for biking are : Poros, Agistriand many others.

  Sailing Greek islands Riding the bycicle in the islands

Sailing Greek islands - Monemvasia castle sightseeing  

Sightseeing, archaeology, museums

With a history of more than 3000 years, Greece is the perfect destination for those wanting to visit castles and fortresses, museums and archeological monuments or ruins. No matter where we´re heading to ... be sure there's in interesting historical sight.

Most spectacular sites:

More details you can find at our sightseeing and archaeologypage.

Party All Night Long at Bars and Clubs

Greece means lots and lots of islands. When you´re thinking of an island you think of relaxation and party.

If during the day everybody is busy swimming and sunbathing , the night brings a new aura to the Greek islands. The whole scenery changes at dawn. Thousand of lights cover now the small buildings and the music and joy spreads everywhere.

The roads become crowded with people walking the narrow streets between the small souvenir shops bars, cafes and clubs.

  Sailing Greek islands Party on Streets

Sailing Greek islands - Party in Bars and Clubs  

The small Greek villages on the islands are full of restaurants and taverns where you can try the delicious local cuisine but also tens of water-side bars and clubs where you can enjoy your drink only a few meters away form the sea.

In one word, the Greek islands mean Party !

Some of the best party islands are : Ios, Mykonos, Sifnosand many others.

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