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Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - sailing to islands  

"Best holiday Ever!!!!"

"Such an amazing time on board with Adrianna and Radu! Super knowledgeable, super friendly - made you feel like family - the family you want to spend time with that is! They made great recommendations for the islands to see and what to do when we got there. You will not regret travelling with Blue Water Sailing, cannot recommend it enough!"



Sailed with us May 2015

"Fantastic journey through the Cyclades".

"This vacation was a longtime bucket list item and over 1 year in the actual planning. We had a fantastic 2 weeks visiting numerous islands in the Cyclades with our 2 sons and their wives. We have our own sailboat at home but the harbor system and mooring is very different from how it is done in Canada. Adriana and Radu handle their boat with skill and confidence; we could just sit back, relax and try to learn how it is done! Their local knowledge is indispensible for knowing which harbors were best to visit based on the daily weather and wind, and where to find the little bays and inlets for swimming. As we arrived at each destination, Adriana would pull out books and maps from her collection and give us tips for the best things to see and do. There are always options, and Adriana listened to every word, then did her best to accommodate our wishes.
The sailboat is well setup, excellently maintained, and was very comfortable for the 6 of us. We were able to use the extra cabin to store some of our stuff; this is a sailboat and you do need to heed Adriana's advice to pack lightly! Supplies were readily available at all the harbors so we periodically restocked for breakfast and lunch items. We found it easier and very affordable to eat dinner at the local tavernas, and Adriana and Radu always had suggestions for those as well. We spent one beautiful night at anchor in Kleftiko Bay (Milos) and grilled fish we had bought that morning from the local fishing boat on the same pier where we had moored. Certainly, could have done that a few more times :)
Apart from our own food, boat friendly shoes and beach/swim towels, everything else is on the boat. Once we had picked out appropriate sizes of snorkel gear, it was set aside. The galley was well equipped and has a large fridge (kept our ice frozen for a whole week!). Radu and Adriana use the forward V-berth (as you can see on the diagram on their website) and were extremely conscientious about not interfering with our own activities (e.g. they would wait for us to be done or off the boat before making their own breakfast). We were very happy that they did accept to join us for dinner towards the end of the trip (it was my birthday :)) as we had quickly considered them to be friends.
They were always thinking of how they could make our trip even more enjoyable than it already was! For example, we had opted to spend a bit of extra time on Tinos and not stop at Delos based on weather. But as we got close to Delos, the strong winds forecasted had not developed, so that option was reconsidered and we did stop and visit this amazing archeological site. Anchoring and preparing the dinghy takes a bit of time and extra work, but they never once minded going the extra (nautical) mile!
One thing to keep in mind is that most of the islands are best toured with a rental car. We had not considered that in advance although someone else mentions it in another review here. Radu would accompany us to the rental office (always near the harbor) and ensure we were properly looked after. The rates were quite reasonable and the smallest vehicles are adequate.
Our trip was in early May and the weather was perfect. We packed a lot into our two weeks; towards the end we forced ourselves to slow the pace a little so we could just sit back and relax a bit on the boat (which you can do while sailing between islands although not so much when the wind picks up).
Definitely would do this again with Adriana and Captain Sparrow (Radu) on the good ship Albatross! "



Sailed with us May 2015

  Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - Swimming in turquoise waters from sailboat

Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - sailing to islands  

"Family of five (3 tall teenagers!)"

"Hired these guys for a week last August! Had amazing time listen to Adriana and Radu for their advice they definitely have the best ideas! The boat was beautiful and so we're all the places we visited!"



Sailed with us August 2014

"A wonderful sailing holiday!".

"We sailed with Blue Water Sailing for three weeks spanning the end of March and into April 2015. We had a fabulous time and felt safe in their hands at all times. They are completely knowledgeable about all aspects of sailing and about the islands of Greece.
Adriana is knowledgeable about activities and sites on the islands, and we always had a list of interesting and fun things to do. She and Radu were helpful in assisting us when hiring taxis and rental cars. They even made sure we were in a location to see Easter fireworks (they were in stealth mode...we could stop at either Kea or Kithnos when returning to Athens; they called friends on each island to find out where we could stay overnight and see fireworks. It was a fun surprise since we didn't know Greeks celebrate Easter with fireworks!
We highly recommend Blue Water Sailing and hope we can sail with them again in the future!
Tip: Listen to their suggestions regarding islands to visit We found that we were more pleased with islands they suggested than the islands our Fodor's guidebook recommended!! "



Sailed with us March 2015

  Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - sailboat anchored at beautiful vilage

Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - sailboat achored amazing waters  

"You are the Best!"

"Adriana and Radu made us feel part of their family our our family holiday this September. Radu's sailing is wonderful to watch and I reckon he can take their boat anywhere. Nothing was too hard for them as they took us to the swimming and snorkeling wonderland around the Cyclades and Saronic islands. The Albatross has first class accommodation and it's obvious they care for their boat greatly. Can't wait till we have the chance to go with them again to even more islands. Harvey and family from Australia "



Sailed with us September 2014

"Two Weeks in Heaven".

"Radu and Adriana have an excellent knowledge of the region and helped us to choose a route that suited our interests. They worked with us to develop a plan to visit islands which we had heard about and some that were small and not on the usual tourist route. Adriana shared her detailed knowledge of activities on shore...walks, restaurants, museums, and churches to name a few.
We had one particular request, to swim each day in the inviting turquoise waters that surrounded us and they ensured that we did this in many very spectacular locations.
We were cared for, pampered and all our wishes were met. Thank you Adriana and Radu for your humour, knowledge and for the memorable experience we shared with you. "



Sailed with us June 2014

  Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - Swimming in turquoise waters from sailboat

Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - wonderful swim spot with beautiful water sailboats anchored  

"We had so much fun!!!"

"We had a fantastic time sailing with Radu and Adriana. They were brilliant hosts and made us feel right at home on their beautiful 51ft yacht, Albatross. We swam in turquoise blue waters, explored small villages and local attractions on the islands, sampled the delicious local cuisine and enjoyed the nightlife. Radu and Adriana gave excellent travel advice and bent over backwards to ensure that we had a memorable holiday. Can't recommend Blue Water Sailing highly enough! "



Sailed with us July 2014

"The Only Way To Travel The Greek Islands".

"6 of us spent 7 days in August 2014 Sailing the Islands on the Albatross. It was an experience to say the least. Being able to access the many beautiful coves and swimming spots, harbours etc was fantastic. We loved everything about our trip. Adrianna has great knowledge and will guide you if your not sure where you want to go. Radu skippers the boat very skillfully, especially when parking in a crowded port. We saw his skills many times. Adrianna & Radu are very professional, friendly, flexible and lovely people...A must when living in a small space. If you are looking for a unique experience on your next trip to Greece, DO NOT go past Blue Water Sailing. They are the BEST! And they are the BEST value around. I also agree with all the reviews posted by others. Sally, Yvonne, Susan, Kerry, David & Tony. "



Sailed with us August 2014

  Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - Swimming in turquoise waters from sailboat

Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - small venice mykonos from sailboat  

"Incredible experience!"

"Adriana and Radu made our experience absolutely incredible! Sailing through the islands was sensational and with such fabulous hosts and skippers we felt so comfortable. Adriana and Radu's local knowledge ensures that you will see and experience the best of the Greek Islands. They were highly motivated and focused on making our tour a once in a lifetime experience. If you want a truly unique 'sailing' holiday, then this pair will not disappoint you! Thank you again Adriana and Radu."



Sailed with us August 2014


"Croisière d'une semaine début Août avec nos 3 enfants de 9, 7 et 2 ans. Une expérience inoubliable, un moyen fabuleux de découvrir les îles grecques surtout avec les 2 skippers Adriana et Radu qui sont absolument adorables et au petit soin. Ils font tout pour qu'on se sente bien sur le bateau et pour qu'on reparte avec un maximum de souvenirs. Leur nouveau bateau Albatross est superbe. A faire sans hésiter. C'était trop court !!!"



Sailed with us August 2014

  Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - family with childern on sailboat - beautiful sunset from the sea

Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - friends on sailboat  

"Baby boomers on board!"

"Two weeks sailing the Greek Islands with Adriana and Radu from Blue Water Sailing has been the highlight of our holiday in Europe. These two young people were such fun and so accommodating to the needs of a group of 8 mature and mostly inexperienced sailors. We sailed from Athens, through the Cyclades group and visited 14 Islands in total, including Paros, Mykonos and Naxos. Nothing was too hard or too inconvenient for our hosts. They were very professional during an unexpected change in the weather and very helpful when sharing information about individual islands and activities. Our days were planned informally to satisfy a number of different interests amongst the group, the most important being to swim in as many beautiful and isolated bays as possible. Adriana's extensive knowledge of the islands and Radu's skill in handling the yacht helped to make our trip the most satisfying experience. We're already talking about a return to sail with the pirates on board the Albatross. "



Sailed with us June 2014

"Amazing Sailing- Amazing Crew"

"This was definitely one of the best vacations I've ever had. We sailed to Mykonos with the Captain - Radu, and awesome tour guide - Adriana. They were so knowledgeable about all of the Greek Islands we sailed past, giving us historical information plus insight on how to visit them in an enjoyable way. They were wonderful helping us first time sailors with all of our questions about the boat and sailing. We quickly felt like Adriana and Radu were long time friends which helped pass the time when we were sailing. Plus you can't beat the blue, blue clear water of the Greek Islands! We are already planning to go back out with them! "



Sailed with us June 2013

  Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - sailboat small venice mykonos

Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - sailing the greek islands with friends  

"Poseidon blessed us!"

"Two weeks sailing with Adriana and Radu has left our group in awe of their expertise, their generosity and their friendliness. Those qualities enabled our group of eight friends to enjoy a wonderful adventure exploring many and interesting islands over those two weeks. Swimming, eating and sightseeing with good friends in the Cyclades were enhanced by the support, information and care provided by Radu and Adriana. Their skill and competence ensured a safe yet exciting holiday. They even played the Hat Game with us and that's an experience we will always remember."



Sailed with us June 2014

"It's a go with Blue Water!.

Thank You to our crew Adriana and captain Radu! We sailed in for a week in July from Athens south, then made an amazing crossing over to the Cyclades. We stopped, we swam, we watched magnificent sunsets, we hiked into the Chora's, we drank Ouzo, we even had 5 dolphins off our bow one afternoon...an amazing dance that we all cherished. I told you they were coming Radu!! We sailed mostly because thats what we were there to do and they were great educators and guides through and through. We had a very personal experience with Blue Water, like being the guest of great friends on a lovely holiday visit. You will love this charter if you love to travel!"



Sailed with us July 2012

  Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - Doplhins playing in the bow

Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - small venice view from myknos from sailboat  

"Dream vacation".
"We sailed to Mykonos in early June with close friends. It was probably one of the best vacations I've ever had. The islands were so beautiful and it was a special and intimate way to be able to visit them. But what really made the trip was Radu and Adriana. It was like sailing with old friends. They are such hospitable, warm, fun-loving people. Both are experienced, knowledgeable sailors and bend over backwards to ensure you have an amazing adventure. It was a pleasure to be with them. In short, beautiful boat, beautiful islands, wonderful crew. I hope to be back. "



Sailed with us June 2013

"Un sue"o hecho realidad".

"El 7 de sept 2013 . Somos una pareja de abuelos, viajeros y de aventuras. Con Radu y Adriana navegamos en el hermoso Albatros, y visitamos las islas Sar"nicas. Fue una experiencia inolvidable que so"amos hace tiempo y ellos lo hicieron posible. El yate Velero es maravilloso, bien equipado, muy bien mantenido y limpio, nos sentimos muy seguros y disfrutamos de su hospitalidad y seriedad como navegantes. Lo que ofrece su p"gina web es exactamente lo recbido en el servicio. Hicimos una nueva amistad y son ellos un gran equipo. Augusto y Martha - Colombianos"



Sailed with us September 2013

  Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - snorkeling in greece

Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - sailboat anchored at dive center  

"Just perfect"
"Our sailing trip to the Saronic islands was just perfect. Adriana and Radu are very skilled and they were our skippers, guides, advisors, instructors and finally friends. They do everything to make your trip as comfortable as possible -- you feel safe and at the same time they are very discreet and let you the necessary privacy. The boat is well maintained and comfortable. It was our first boat trip and we had to learn everything, including how to shover in a limited space and we succeeded. The Saronic islands are very diverse, and well protected from the winds. Our initial thought was to go to Cyclades, but the final choice to go to Saronic was the right one as it was not too shaky and very nice swim and visit opportunities. We come back with a lot of good memmories and even a CD of the underwater pix that they shoot for us. "



Sailed with us July 2013

"Fantastic 5 days tour around Greek islands"

"Just came back from fantastic 5 days tour with Blue Waters Sailing in Greek islands. We are joining to all "Excellent" reviews, as there is not a single complaint to make. Adriana and Radu has worked hard to make the stay for their guests just perfect - professional skippering, well equipped boat with a thought for all possible details (hammock, snorkel gears, even gas grill), smart route planning, very good guidance on what to see on islands. On the top of all, they are both really friendly and warm personalities which makes staying with them really cozy and easy. We highly recommend this trip especially for friends tours or family trips. "



Sailed with us October 2013

  Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - sailboats anchored

Sailing Greek islands - Greece charter sailing holidays - sailboats anchored and people swimming  

"A melhor op""o para velejar pelas ilhas gregas".
"Eu, meu marido e 2 casais de amigos queridos passamos 3 dias inesquec"veis velejando pelo Mar Egeu com o time do Blue Water Sailing. Foi uma experiencia maravilhosa. Adriana e Radu nos possibilitaram apreciar lugares "nicos do golfo Argo-Sar"nico com seguran"a e exclusividade, além do sabor de aventura de viajar num barco á vela. Ficamos muito bem acomodados no veleiro Albatross, que é extremamente bem mantido e cuidado pelo time do Blue Water Sailing. Os pontos altos da viagem foram o roteiro exclusivamente desenhado pelo time para n"s (que desej"vamos conhecer vilas t"picas, mas tambem lugares historicos e pontos perfeitos de mergulho em ilhas desabitadas) e o cuidado e aten""o do time Blue Water Sailing para conosco durante todo o tempo. Nossos destinos foram as ilhas de Aegina (onde fica o bel"ssimo templo de Afaia), Poros e Hydra, além de snorkeling em Moni. Adoramos este formato da viagem, pois o barco acomodou muito bem 3 casais além da tripula""o, pudemos conhecer lugares realmente diferenciados e foi muito prazeiroso dormir no ancoradouro de ilhas encantadoras como Poros e Hydra, com suas vilas incr"veis. A viagem foi a melhor poss"vel, pois pudemos desfrutar da companhia de amigos queridos, além de seguran"a, profissionalismo e muito carinho por parte do time da Blue Water Sailing. Gostaria apenas de poder ter ficado mais dias a bordo do Albatross, mas nossa agenda de viagem de volta ao Brasil n"o permitiu; de toda forma, o roteiro de 3 dias a bordo foi muito bom. Recomendo muito a Blue Water Sailing como a op""o perfeita para um charter privativo espetacular. A Adriana e o Radu conhecem profundamente as ilhas gregas e certamente ir"o lhe sugerir a melhor forma poss"vel de aproveitar os dias que voce tiver disponiveis para velejar, sejam 2 ou 15 dias. "



Sailed with us May 2014

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