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Snorkeling vacations in Greece. Family snorkeling holidays and trips in the Greek islands.

Just put on the mask, dip your face beneath the surface and open the unforgettable window of the submerged world!

Searching for snorkeling vacations in Greece ? What better way to discover the best spots for snorkeling holidays in the Greek islands than sailing from one bay to the next and discover the underwater world? Our sailing and snorkeling activities and cruises are safe and fun for everyone from grandparent to grandchildren and a great family experience.

Greece is an underwater snorkeling paradise with a greatdiversity of sea-life, caves, rock formations, shipwrecksand an amazing visibility of more that 40 meters. So many things just waiting for you to discover them.


Snorkeling is an adventure that anyone can enjoy (including non-swimmers), perfect for to discovering the submerged world and the natural treasures hidden under the sea. Snorkeling is also the best and easiest means for the whole family to explore the underwater beauties as everyone can participate regardless of their age, skill level or physical fitness.

Snorkeling is safe, easy, and enjoyable. It's the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation. And it's what we do best!


Before we jump into the water we'll provide everybody with snorkeling gear, offer detailed instructions on how to use it and answer any question you might have (about equipment and snorkeling techniques, marine life or anything else you might want to know).

For non-swimmers we'll provide floating aids (vests, noodles or mattresses - your choice) so you can have a relaxed and worry-freesnorkeling experience.

Safe and fun

Greece offers a safe environment where even beginners feel safe and have no worries. The Aegean is almost hazard-free concerning sea life and water conditions:

  • you can hardly find any currents at all, and if there is one it's that mild you'll probably not even notice it.
  • there are no 'dangerous' sea creatures , you only need watch sea urchins on rocks and be mindful so don't try to play with the moray (it might bite if he gets scared) or touch the Scorpion fishes (it has some poisonous spines that cause pain and swelling). Anyway - we'll discuss all this in detail before going into the water.

Something for you to remember!

During the trip we can take you lots and lots of underwater pictures so upon disembarkation we will offer you all these priceless memories of the trip you'll cherish for a lifetime.

If you're interested in snorkeling trips , feel free to contact us.


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