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Sail & Dive - Scuba Diving Destinations

Enjoy your sailing cruise and mix it with Scuba Diving!

With more that 16.000 kilometers of coast and hundreds of islands, Greece offers an incredible variety and an endless selection of gorgeous dive spots so you enjoy the perfectsail and dive trip.

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Greece charter sailing holidays Scuba Diving  

For the certified divers who you can't imagine a holiday without diving we can put them in contact with the dive center in the islands we will visit. Most of the islands have at least one dive center and we can contact them and arrange a dive for you if you decide just upon arriving at the harbor in each island.

The guys at the club can show you the best of each island's underworld!

For non-divers that would like to see how it feels like breathing underwater and discover the marine life we have good news: most of the dive centers in the islands can arrange a Discover Scuba Divingexperience when you get your first acquaintance with the underwater world and learn the basic skills you need to dive under direct supervision.

Thus, you can dive as much as you like! Here we have a real paradise for divers !


Most of the dive clubs in the islands charge around 35-60 euro/person/dive (slightly ranging from center to center).

Our destination

Well...our only limitation is the time you plan to spend onboard.

For example if you are planning for a two weeks dive and sail we can start diving from Athens , continue to the islands of Kythnos, Sifnos, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Milosand many others.

But if you are only interested in a short trip there's obviously no time to reach such a far-away islands.

  Sailing Greek islands Divers and Fishes

Please let us know your interest, so we inform you how that fits in with the reality of a sailboat and the time of the year.

If you have any questions regarding the Sail and Dive cruises , feel free to contact us.

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